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Student experience and sustainability on campus

Students’ expectations of campus environment pose high demands on facility management. In the articles below you can read more about sustainability and student experience. 


The demands and expectations on hygiene in high-traffic establishments, such as universities, are increasing. Students want and expect a clean, healthy and well-functioning area to study, work and socialise in. Their experience of campus attractiveness is affected by the cleanliness and standard of the college and university environment in general, and bathrooms in particular. Most students claim that a poor bathroom experience affects their overall opinion of the institution negatively.*

The topic of sustainability in universities is gaining importance as well. In fact, a study has shown that 94% of prospective international students believe that universities could do more to be environmentally sustainable.* This means that sustainability initiatives in the campus environment are more important than ever today. 

Student expectations on both hygiene and sustainability pose high demands on facility management. Campuses are vast areas with high and fluctuating traffic which can be difficult to maintain and service. In order to live up to these increased demands on hygiene, cleanliness and environmental responsibility, you need to constantly enhance your operational efficiency. Doing more with less or the same is more important - which means finding solutions that save time and effort for your staff is vital. 

3 tips on how to improve cleanliness and sustainability in student bathrooms.

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3 tips on how to improve cleanliness and sustainability in student washrooms

Poor washroom hygiene affects students' general impression of a campus. Want to meet their expectations? Ensure that there is no waste or paper on the floor, surfaces are cleaned, and that soap and paper hand towels are always replenished. In order to keep a complex facility fresh and clean, and contribute to a positive student experience, here are some factors that will make a big difference:
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Tips No.1

Hygiene and high capacity

When paper hand towels run out it affects the washroom experience negatively. Aside from the inconvenience, it also affects hand hygiene, which in turn increases the risk of contamination. Make sure dispensers can store enough paper hand towels to last through exams, breaks and social events.
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Tips No.2

Minimise waste

Reducing the use of paper towels is good for many reasons. Apart from the cost saving aspects, it has a significant impact on the environment. Less towel consumption affects the number of times a bin needs to be emptied. With waste reducing solutions, such as one-at-a-time dispensing paper hand towels, you’re able to improve the experience of both cleanliness and sustainability for students.
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Tips No.3

Speed up flows and free up time

Improve the students’ experience by reducing the time they need to spend in washrooms. Help them avoid standing in queues, both when they need to use the toilet and when they are waiting to dry their hands. Improve the flow with time- and waste-reducing dispensers that don't run out as often and don’t fill up the bins as quickly. What else is great about this? Cleaning staff don’t have to visit the washrooms as often and therefore block areas.

The Tork PeakServe Continuous Hand Towel System

Tork PeakServe® offers the highest hand towel capacity on the market with dispensers that can be refilled at any time, helping you avoid run outs and free up time for cleaning. Faster dispensing speeds up washroom flow, while the compact refills save space. Now we add Tork PeakServe Mini for smaller spaces and Tork PeakServe Recessed adaptors for cabinets - so you can serve your entire facility with the same system using one refill.
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