Clean Hands are Healthy Hands

Clean Hands are Healthy Hands

Do you want to improve hand hygiene in your facility? Use the Tork poster builder to promote compliance and show your patients that they are in excellent, safe hands.

Ready-made templates

Keep hand hygiene top of mind

Proper hand hygiene is the most cost-effective measure to prevent the spread of disease and infections. A simple routine with far-reaching impact on the health of both your patients and staff. The Tork poster builder provides a simple solution for reminding your staff about the importance of hand hygiene, and helping them build a long-lasting habit. 
A key to improving hand hygiene in your facility is keeping messaging fresh. With the Tork poster builder you can refresh your posters quickly and easily - we will even send a reminder every quarter.

Boost patient perception with hand hygiene signage

In addition to improving health standards, hand hygiene posters also have a positive effect on the image of your facility. In fact, more than 8 in 10 patients indicate that the presence of hand hygiene signage makes them feel more confident about a facility's cleanliness and its quality of care.

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