Secure safer takeaway and delivery

Secure safer takeaway and delivery

Your step-by-step guide to off-premise hygiene

Off-premise dining is an increasingly important part of the foodservice industry – a trend accelerated by the events of 2020. Consumers are shifting food and drink budgets to takeaway, delivery and drive thru. With guests’ expectations of hygiene standards being higher than ever, it is crucial for operators to guarantee a hygienic experience and communicate their efforts clearly to their guests.

Read on to learn about our 4-step process to secure off-premise hygiene.

Secure kitchen and employee hygiene

Display posters in key areas to remind staff how and when to wash their hands

Secure the takeaway bag

Customise hygiene items such as napkins, sanitising wipes and tamper-proof bag seals

Secure the pickup area

Use signage to guide guests and delivery staff

Secure the delivery

Provide delivery staff with sanitisers and wipes for good hygiene on the go

Useful tools to secure hygiene


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