Four people working in a restaurant kitchen

Identify time thieves and optimise restaurant efficiency

Working in a restaurant is fast-paced and fun but can quickly become stressful. It can be a challenge to manage the daily pressures and ensure great customer service. If you are a restaurant manager, you and your staff face time-related challenges on a daily basis. Time is money, and time thieves are hiding everywhere. 


What’s a time thief? A time thief is something that consumes a large amount of time and has a negative impact on productivity. By eliminating the time thieves in your operations, you can improve efficiency and ease the pressure on employees. To do this you need to first locate, then identify and finally eliminate the time thieves throughout the operations of your staff.

Read more about common time thieves in restaurants and how to eliminate them.


Common time thieves in restaurants and how to eliminate them

There are some common time thieves we hear our customers mention in their daily operations that can be easily avoided. Maybe you’ll recognise one or more of these when you review your own restaurant.

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