Tork SmartOne

Tork SmartOne®

Durable Tork SmartOne® toilet paper dispensers have been continuously refined to meet the evolving needs of any demanding environment, where cost control and hygiene needs must be met. Reduce consumption – by up to 40%* compared to traditional jumbo roll dispensers
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Tork SmartOne

Reduce consumption and improve washroom efficiency

Called smart for a reason, the benefits of our Tork SmartOne® toilet paper system include reduced consumption as well as a much lower risk of pipe blockages. It´s also more hygienic, designed so that people touch only what they use.
Tork SmartOne

Efficient, robust and smart

Single-sheet dispensing helps reduce paper consumption, making rolls last longer so you need to refill less often. Our durable and tamperproof dispensers resist vandalism and help to stop theft. The Tork SmartOne® toilet paper is dispensed one sheet at a time and disintegrates quickly, reducing the risk of clogging pipes.

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Reduce toilet paper consumption, try Tork SmartOne®

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*Statistics from internal research on 7,729 users in Europe. Traditional maxi jumbo dispenser vs. Tork SmartOne® Twin Mini dispenser. Reduction accounted in square metre used per visit.