Use our online DIY tool to share your message

AD-a-Glance helps you make the most of your Tork Xpressnap® dispensers. Promotional messages placed behind the clear display panel make it easy to communicate special offers and loyalty programs. Eye-catching and simple to switch out, AD-a-Glance offers a prime window of opportunity to bring in new revenue, promote your brand, and connect with your customers. 

1. Design your display

2. Use a template or make it from scratch

3. Print and use in your dispenser

4. Save your design for later


Make the most of your marketing

Some messages are more effective than others in driving sales. According to new research conducted by The National Restaurant Association and SCA, the following categories have the most revenue-boosting potential: 

Loyalty program        Community

Specials / Events       Sustainability

Causes / Charities


Explore our templates

We’ve made it simple to craft your custom marketing message. Using our web-based design platform, you just select your Xpressnap model and input the images, text and logos of your choice. 

You can also choose from a range of pre-made templates, in case you’re looking for a shortcut to a bright and stylish message.