WHHD 2023 

Tork accelerates action this World Hand Hygiene Day by adding new virtual training for Long Term Care 

Tork Clean Hands Training for Care Homes builds on the Tork state-of-the-art educational programme for healthcare settings. 

World Hand Hygiene Day, celebrated on May 5th, is the annual call to action for healthcare workers to accelerate action on hand hygiene, led by the World Health Organization (WHO). Tork, Essity’s leading professional hygiene brand, is supporting these actions by adding to the Tork training portfolio. Following the success of the award winning Tork VR Clean Hands Training for hospitals, Tork is extending the programme to help infection prevention in Long Term Care facilities. 
As studies show, hand hygiene prevents up to 50%* of infections acquired during healthcare delivery, so it comes as no surprise that 8 out of 10** healthcare professionals want to further improve hand hygiene compliance in their facilities. The Tork VR Clean Hands Training for hospitals, and now for care homes, is available at no charge in multiple languages in desktop and VR formats. It further supports staff with training and guidelines that boost adherence in every critical moment. 
Safe care starts with good hand hygiene practice
The Tork state-of-the art educational program provides an invaluable immersive learning experience for improved outcomes and behavioural change – helping to raise hygiene and health standards in hospitals, and now in Long Term Care environments. The new online and virtual reality training courses have been developed with world-leading hygiene experts, using the WHO My 4 Moments for Hand Hygiene in a residential home environment. The interactive simulation is specifically designed to make hand hygiene training more engaging and inspiring than ever before, while equipping Long Term Care staff with the day-to-day skills they need to secure hand hygiene at every moment.
“What I’ve been involved in creating with Essity has been exciting for me! To think that there can be an interactive, virtual reality game to engage people in performing hand hygiene appropriate to their settings, is definitely a step forward,” said world renowned expert in Hand hygiene Claire Kilpatrick. 
“Don’t just play it once, I’ve played it many times. Using an informative and interactive game like this is one part in ensuring that proper hand hygiene is performed. So, take a moment, suspend reality, and enjoy learning. You will feel like you’re in your workplace and will be able to focus on how and when to take the right action. The game will help you and your colleagues, so enjoy the game and good luck.”
Secure hand hygiene at every moment
Beyond training alone, healthcare professionals must practice hand hygiene often and effectively to prevent the spread of infection and reduce transmission. Tork supports healthcare organisations with hand sanitisers made for critical, fast-paced environments, including the Tork Alcohol Hand Sanitiser. Tork also offers evidence-based dispenser placement guides based on WHO’s ‘my moments of hand hygiene’ built around four areas commonly found in healthcare facilities to support adherence. Research shows that hand hygiene dispensers have a significant impact on compliance rates, and a key to success is making sure they are correctly placed. 
For more information:

* WHO, World Hand Hygiene Day 2021, Facts and Figures  
** Survey amongst 1207 healthcare professional in five markets. US, UK, Sweden, Germany and Poland. The survey was conduction between 29th November to 7th December 2018 by United Minds on behalf of Tork and a collaboration with the panel provider UMT.

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