Tork finds 82% of food processing production managers have experienced production delays from non-compliance with hygiene protocols1

The past year has increased scrutiny on hygiene in food processing – an industry with already rigorous standards. However, research shows that 82% of food processors experienced reduced production capacity due to cross contamination based on non-compliance with food safety and hygiene protocols by the workforce within the last year.2 Tork®, the leading global professional hygiene brand by Essity, today announced the European launch of the Tork Washstation Dispenser, designed specifically to address challenges in the food processing environment. 
There is little room for error when it comes to hygiene in food processing. The challenge of sustaining standards is significant and 54% of production managers say it is hard to motivate workers to comply with food safety and hygiene protocols.3
“As production managers strive to sustain high hygiene compliance, choosing the right hygiene solutions can make a big difference,” said Jenny Turner, Marketing Director for Essity’s professional hygiene business. “We’re proud to introduce the Tork Washstation Dispenser, which was designed with best-in-class features specifically to address challenges in sustaining food processing hygiene protocols, while supporting productivity and sustainability.” 
HACCP International certified Tork Washstation Dispenser promotes: 
Sustaining hygiene:
  • high-capacity refills so paper hand towels are always available 
  • one-at-a-time dispensing, so workers only touch what they take 
  • design prevents water from pooling and subsequent bacterial growth
  • high-capacity refills, ensuring towels are continuously available and reduces service intervals for replacing rolls
  • water-resistant to protect refills, and built to withstand high temperature spray downs, without needing to be covered or removed from the wall 
  • FSC-certified refills 
Ninety-seven percent of production managers say having robust, easy to maintain and well-stocked hygiene and cleaning dispensers in highly visible locations is critical to increasing hygiene compliance.4 With the Tork Washstation Dispenser, along with other industry-leading hygiene solutions such as the Tork Folded Cloth Dispenser and Skincare Manual Dispenser, production managers can be confident their facility is equipped to help sustain hygiene, increase operational efficiencies, and handle the pressures of a rigorous environment. 
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1, 2, 3, 4 2021 Survey conducted by PRS Invivo in March 2021. The survey covered in the US and Germany, with 100 respondents in each market.

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