Essity supports the fight against COVID-19 


Essity supports the fight against COVID-19

In this new reality we live in, our priority is that we all stay safe to carry on. This means going the extra mile to work together and supporting those people on the frontlines.  

Essity has donated $200,000 to the United Nations Foundation to support the World Health Organisation's work to prevent, detect, and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as finding a vaccine. Through our work with the Private Organisations for Patient Safety (POPS) and local governments we are prioritising the supply of products to healthcare customers. 

Next to these global contributions, Essity is supporting hospitals and healthcare in many countries with new initiatives. 
  • In Sweden, our R&D department has been able to start producing face masks for visitors and, in collaboration with the Swedish government, we are now also able to make a higher-grade mask that will be used in healthcare. The ambition is to initially produce three million surgical masks, with the first million being donated by Essity. 
  • And in Italy we have donated 51,600 items of personal protective equipment including masks, gloves and glasses to support local hospitals.
  • In the UK we have donated 100,000 essential items (toilet rolls and household towels) to In Kind Direct who support a network of over 5,000 UK charities and community groups
  • Close to 17.000 rolls of Tork paper rolls have been donated to the American Red Cross and Albany-based Living Resources, an agency that provides housing and other essentials to people with disabilities
Meanwhile, a truck containing 44 pallets of nappies and feminine protection has been sent to help refugee communities in Lesvos, Greece. 
Essity’s Tork brand has uploaded information about keeping safe from COVID-19 on its Tork website. This can be viewed at: 

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Amelia Baker, Regional Brand Activation Manager