Tork launches new air freshener system to keep washrooms constantly fresh – designed for easy refilling to provide a great washroom experience

The challenges with current air fresheners
Washrooms are the biggest source of complaints, accounting for over 45% of the complaints that facility managers receive.1 In addition, recent research from Tork tells us that 67% of employees say they’re more likely to complain about a washroom than any other aspect of their office.2 Therefore, it’s crucial that washrooms are run efficiently to ensure a standard of cleanliness that makes people feel cared for.
Bad washroom odours have a negative impact on business reputation, but many traditional air fresheners struggle to be effective due to their ‘spray and fade’ effect. They also need to be placed high on walls to deliver freshness to the whole washroom, which is certainly not ideal for dispenser checks and refilling. 
“We always put ourselves in the shoes of our customers when developing innovations. Our research showed the challenges they were experiencing with traditional air fresheners, both their function and accessibility for cleaning staff. It highlighted that what they really wanted was a consistent solution, with an even and constant scent over time as well as a system that could be much more easily serviced.” says Meta Grundén, for Essity’s professional hygiene business.
A new air freshener that distributes scent evenly and continuously
Tork has launched a new system that makes keeping your washrooms constantly fresh much easier. It uses a unique, high-tech technology that is propellant-free to neutralise odours continuously and evenly. Research shows that the most important factor customers state when selecting an air care product is the “long-lasting performance”3. The Tork Constant Air Freshener can last for up to 90 days before needing a refill, with a range of scents that eliminate bad odours, creating a consistent, fresh washroom experience, which helps facility managers to avoid washroom complaints.
A system that is easy to maintain and refill 
71% of cleaning staff agreed that if washroom dispensers were quicker and easier to refill, they would have more time for other cleaning tasks2. The Tork Constant Air Freshener dispenser is certified ‘Easy to use’ for speedy refilling.4 It’s flexible placement at reachable heights also allows for easy maintenance. Refills and battery changes can also be planned into existing cleaning routines to save staff valuable time. 
IoT connected dispensers
With Tork Vision Cleaning, the world’s leading data-driven cleaning solution, cleaning staff will now know exactly when and where to refill all Tork dispensers in the washroom. The new air freshener dispenser will enable them to keep the dispensers replenished and save time by avoiding unnecessary checks. 
It’s easy to provide a great washroom experience with smart, sustainable hygiene management from Tork. 
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