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Streamlined facility cleaning with sensor technology

Tork EasyCube™ is a facility management software that allows you to provide data-driven cleaning by collecting real-time data from connected devices and dispenser systems. Displayed in an easy-to-use web application, real-time information directs cleaning teams to exactly where they are needed. Every task matters. The result is a new logic for cleaning that provides concrete labour savings, greater customer satisfaction and a revolutionary boost to staff motivation.

See how urban concept centre Welle7 in Bern uses Tork EasyCube™ to make cleaning more efficient while securing top cleaning quality.

How can data-driven cleaning help you stay ahead of the game?

Data-driven cleaning is the latest evolution of professional cleaning. Want to learn more about how it’s affecting the industry and how it can benefit your business? Read our insider’s guide to data-driven cleaning.

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Facility cleaning meets digital intelligence

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Connected devices

Sensor technology in Tork digital dispensers, visitor counter units and DCUs measure visitor numbers and refill levels
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Mobile access to intelligent real-time data

Data from connected devices is collected and displayed in the Tork EasyCube™ facility management software.
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Smart analytics for optimising operations

Measurements track and predict use. Cleaning statistics can be used to plan for increased efficiency.

Data-driven cleaning

Rather than responding to complaints about an under-stocked washroom, facility managers and cleaning personnel can take a more proactive and flexible approach to cleaning.

In the short term, real-time data organised into colour-coded analytics shows cleaners which areas need immediate maintenance.

And over the long term, managers can use the statistics to make informed decisions about to maximise cleaning effectiveness.


Smarter facility cleaning with connected devices

Connected devices, such as toilet paper and soap dispenser systems, continuously transmit information about their supply levels to the Tork EasyCube™ cleaning application. Cleaning staff can know ahead of time which supplies to bring on their trolleys and in what amounts, minimising trips to the supply closet.
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More effective communication

Tailored to each individual business, Tork EasyCube™ enables managers to realise efficient facility management and optimal cleaning by deploying staff according to statistics about high traffic areas and peak hours.

The facility management software's messaging function also provides an effective way of communicating maintenance needs in real time.

Cleaning teams can stay in direct contact with their managers and each other, even when spread out over large distances.

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Ensuring quality

Information makes it easier for everyone to make the right decisions. Observing the use of dispenser service supplies over time, managers can make smart decisions about budgeting and purchasing.

Cleaning management staff can also monitor performance against KPIs, ensuring the highest quality of cleaning is provided at the lowest cost.

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The business rewards

Tork EasyCube™ serves to benefit all types of businesses, and particularly those spread out over large geographical areas with in and fluctuating traffic, such as for example amusement parks, retail outlets and airports.
It’s a service especially well suited to forward-thinking companies interested in a new and better way of working and ready to see how the Internet of Things devices can give them the competitive edge.
See how Tork EasyCube™ provides a whole new logic to cleaning at ISSA Interclean.

  • Same resources, better cleaning

    Time, money and effort is saved by moving from static cleaning schedules to needs-based, dynamic schedules.
    Equipped with a more efficient way of working, thanks to 77% fewer dispenser checks, cleaning personnel can be dispatched to dramatically heighten the quality of cleaning across all washrooms. Case studies show up to 62% increase in cleaning activities.*
    Reducing unnecessary costs while improving the customer experience isn’t a paradox, it’s business done right!
    * 3rd party market research with observational studies and interviews before and after Tork EasyCube™ implementation at facility with 20,000 visitors/week.

  • Boost motivation and productivity

    Tork EasyCube™ provides cleaning personnel with control over the effectiveness of their own work.
    Knowing exactly where they need to be and why they’re supposed to be there makes their job far more rewarding. Rather than performing repetitive manual labour, personnel can utilise cleaning statistics generated by the Tork EasyCube™ facility management software to make informed contributions to customer satisfaction.
    The result? Enhanced motivation, satisfaction and staff retention. Some companies have even experienced a reduction in sick leave!

  • Perfect hospitality

    Real-time information makes it easy to prevent complaints before they can occur. With a proactive approach to facility management services, Tork EasyCube™ helps ensure that each and every customer will be greeted by a consistently clean, well-stocked washroom.
    With the time saved, resources can be directed to even greater cleaning, enhancing the customer experience even further.

  • Up to 62% increase in cleaning activities
    * 3rd party market research with observational studies and interviews before and after Tork EasyCube™ implementation at facility with 20,000 visitors/week.
  • Up to 76% less time with empty dispensers
    Data from the Tork EasyCube™ system showing time dispensers are out or almost out of refills, collected March 2016 (after implementation); compared to the same month in 2015 (before implementation).
Tork EasyCube_cleaning statistics.jpg