Guest experience is in your hands

Improving your washroom can benefit your business

New lifestyles create new washroom requirements

The rise of urbanisation means more people are living life on the go. Work and after work follow each other seamlessly as there’s no going home in between. This is transforming the significance of washrooms at public venues, beyond essential needs. 
Washrooms are not just washrooms any more. For example, they are becoming the new beauty studio for applying makeup, a dressing room before dinner, or the obvious hand washing solution after a meal on the go.

Tork Skincare Solutions

Guest experience is in your hands, and our Tork Skincare offer will help get your washrooms ready to create positive and lasting impressions. With our range of formulations and dispensers for all washroom needs, we can guide you to select the right hand hygiene solution for your washroom. Learn more about our product range

The Tork “Soap Truck” experiment

To explore the future of hand hygiene, we launched an unorthodox experiment at a popular food truck festival in Rio. Using our “Soap Truck,” equipped with clean running water and quality soap from our Tork Skincare line, we wanted to see if guest experience could be improved with better access to hand hygiene. Watch the results!

Is your business ready for these changes?

The increase in urban lifestyle means your washroom needs to keep up. Below are some tips to give your guests a great experience:

  • Put yourself in your guests’ shoes

    As it well equipped for all my needs e.g. removing makeup, blowing my nose etc.? Does it match my overall expectations of the venue?

  • Happy staff means happy guests

    Make sure that the washroom is easy to keep clean and that dispensers are easy to refill and provide good washroom flow.

  • Consider all five senses

    Make the most of the senses that can boost your guests’ experience – the scent and feel of the soap or towels can be just as important as the way they look.

  • 43 % have turned down a place to eat due to lack of hand hygiene products*
    *The survey was conducted November 20 -December 4, 2017. Answers from 15 530 respondents were collected from 15 markets. Independent firm United Minds performed the survey with the assistance of survey provider CINT.
  • 7 out of 10 believe that lacking hygiene limits their lives*

Give your guests a great hand hygiene experience


Designed to impress

  • Red Dot Design Award winning dispensers come in a full range to suit your washroom preferences.  
  • Certified “easy to use” system improves the hand washing experience for your guests.

Designed for smarter ways of working


Designed for improved hygiene

  • Sealed refills with a fresh new pump and bottle every time, protecting the purity of our soap.
  • Dermatologically tested formulations that are safe for the user and reduce environmental impact.

Did you know?

Our products have been certified “easy to use” by the Swedish Rheumatism Association, and our Tork Image Design™ dispenser line won the prestigious Red Dot Award in the product design category. 
The ingredients we use in our skincare products have been carefully chosen, and our formulations have been dermatologically tested to be safe for the user and reduce the risk of allergic reactions. The majority of our refills fulfill the EU Ecolabel and Nordic Swan’s strict requirements.