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The Tork Office Hygiene Package™ is a tailor-made selection of products, services, tools and support that helps facility managers create a clean, hygienic workspace and ensures that people feel safe to return to the office. 

Improving cleaning quality and hygiene without compromising on operational efficiency has become even more critical for facility managers and facility service companies1. Research shows that 80% of the public expects public washrooms to provide a safe hygienic environment to a higher extent now than before COVID-192. In addition, hybrid working models and the increased emphasis on hygiene in shared spaces are making work even more complex for office facility managers. Especially since the cleaning and hygiene needs vary greatly, depending on how many employees are using the office at any given point.
To meet these challenges the Tork Office Hygiene Package offers products, services, tools and support that enable facility mangers to secure the office is ready for business. It now addresses current topics such as:
  • how flexible offices and hybrid working models have created new hygiene challenges,
  • how facility managers can support new hand hygiene behaviors and adapt surface cleaning in shared spaces, 
  • how data-driven cleaning can help provide consistently high cleaning quality and improve efficiency. 
Part of the hygiene package is Tork Vision Cleaning – the world's leading facility management solution. Using real-time data from people counters and connected dispensers, Tork Vision Cleaning takes the guesswork out of cleaning operations and shows facility managers and cleaning teams alike when and where cleaning is needed the most.
“Data-driven cleaning plays a particularly important role in relation to the current challenges posed by hybrid working models. Our solution, Tork Vision Cleaning, can be used to see hot spots and determine the right cleaning frequency as well as making sure that dispensers are stocked up 99% of the time3. The built-in insights improve cleaning procedures while reporting tools show adherence to safety regulations and give transparency of a job well done. In fact, 100% of our existing Tork Vision Cleaning customers say the system has helped them improve hygiene in their facility4”, says Anna Königson Koopmans, Marketing Director Commercial for Essity’s professional hygiene business.
The Tork Office Hygiene Package also helps facility managers elevate their sustainability performance – without compromising on hygiene and safety. All the products and services in the package are based on environmentally sound, resource-efficient sourcing and production. They encourage efficient usage, reduced carbon emissions and less waste through innovations like one-at-a-time dispensing and compressed refills. Tork PaperCircle®, the world’s first paper hand towel recycling service, helps facility mangers meets sustainability targets by reducing waste with up to 20%5 and cutting carbon emissions for their paper hand towels by at least 40%.
Tork experts help identify opportunities to improve hygiene 
As the global leader in professional hygiene, Tork is offering a free hygiene consultation by dedicated and educated hygiene advisors. The consultation helps facility managers identify opportunities to improve cleaning quality and hygiene, as well as operational efficiency and sustainability. 
“People no longer only review their workplace on classic employee benefits and values, but also on how it delivers on health and well-being in the workplace. This is why, as part of the package, we offer a professional hygiene consultation. During the consultation, our experienced hygiene advisors review the current hygiene arrangements together with the customer, in order to recognise improvement opportunities”, says Anna Königson Koopmans.
Based on the findings, Tork Hygiene Advisors give clear recommendations and suggest solutions to help meet the customer’s needs and secure excellent hygiene standards. The consultation can take place on site or virtually. 
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1 Bringing the Office Customer to Life, a quantitative study done in 2020 for Essity.
2 2021 Survey conducted by United Minds in cooperation with CINT in March 2021. The survey covered 7 markets China, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, UK and US with a total of 7063 respondents.
3 Measured across nearly 13,000 connected dispensers between June-December 2019, based on time per month that a dispenser is in an empty status against total time per month
4 Based on survey results conducted in March 2021 of 34 Tork Vision Cleaning customers in Europe and North America.
5 Based on results from Tork PaperCircle® pilot customers in Germany and The Netherlands.
6 Based on a Life Cycle Assessment for Europe, where the avoided processes have been taken into account, conducted by Essity and verified by IVL, Swedish Environmental Research Institute Ltd, 2017.

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