• Amusement park

    Amusement park facility maintenance becomes a ‘thrill’

    Amusement and recreation venues compete for season ticket sales, guest satisfaction and customer loyalty, making the personal guest experience of ultimate importance. But keeping an amusement park clean can be a difficult task. It takes a lot for staff to monitor multiple facilities with just as much traffic as the rides, especially when they are spread across a vast estate.
    When I came across Tork EasyCube, I thought, ‘This is awesome,’” says Allgeier. “It was something that I had never seen before and knew we could definitely benefit from adding it to the park.
    Jake Allgeier
  • Amusement park

    How roller coasters and intelligent washrooms make happy visitors

    At Gröna Lund, amongst carousels and roller coasters, there are 80 toilets that are just as frequently visited as any other attraction. ”Washrooms are generally where we make our first and last impression, so they are very important for us” says Dragica Novacic, Park Support Manager. Photo: Gröna Lund
    From a situation where washrooms got remarks from visitors, we now score an all time high on customer satisfaction index.
    Dragica Novacic
  • Commercial

    Working with Tork EasyCube® and data-driven cleaning in London’s busy buildings

    Based in a prominent position on the Thames, Southbank, the Blue Fin Building is an iconic 500,000 sq ft, 13 floor landmark, developed in 2007.
    Our work force is incredibly skilled, but Tork EasyCube® helps them to focus their time and effort on the tasks that matter most. Our operations across 500,000 sq ft are complex in themselves and Tork EasyCube® helps us stay in control and respond to complaints before they happen.
    Angelina Hadj-Lazib
  • Retail

    Digital cleaning management ensures top cleaning quality at “Welle7”

    Urban concept centre “Welle 7”, a mix of business, enjoyment, education and shopping on eight decks across 14,000 square meters, wanted to ensure the best cleaning quality in their facilities. Therefore, centre operator Migros Aare decided to implement the digital cleaning management tool Tork EasyCube®.
    I think Tork EasyCube® makes an important contribution to helping customers feel good throughout every part of their visit here.
    Lukas von Känel
  • Office

    Tork Easycube marks new era in cleaning

    Thanks to the facility management software for data-driven cleaning, the time it takes to clean washrooms in World Trade Center Amsterdam (WTC) is reduced by 27%, while availability of towels and toilet paper has shot up to nearly 100%. As a result, the number of complaints have dropped to an absolute minimum.
    Tork EasyCube® enables us to improve quality while keeping costs low, which is a very unique combination in the cleaning industry.
    Edo den Hertog
  • Office

    Tork EasyCube® facilitates outstanding cleaning quality

    A reduction in the number of cleaning rounds from 90 to 68 per day, 100% availability of toilet paper, soap and hand towels and as well as increased customer satisfaction – these are the results achieved at Unilever in Hamburg using the facility management software Tork EasyCube®.
    Tork EasyCube® has enabled us to both improve customer satisfaction levels as well as increase our efficiency.
    Marc Mrotzek
  • Sports center

    Eliminating complaints with intelligent washrooms

    When providing athletic training of the highest quality to one million visitors per year, every detail matters. The IKSU sports facility in Umeå is measuring 22,000 square meters, and has everything from gyms and pools to climbing walls and indoor beach volley ball courts. That also means a lot of washrooms. That’s why the largest sports complex in the Nordics chose to make their washrooms intelligent – getting rid of complaints and providing an entirely new logic for cleaning.
    Before, only one in four dispenser controls actually led to a refill. The routine was repetitive, always checking everywhere. Now I know exactly what’s needed by just looking at the tablet attached to my cleaning trolley.
    André Söderberg
  • Zoo

    Better monkey business with customer-centric cleaning

    Using the digital cleaning solution Tork EasyCube®, Apenheul Primate Park in the Netherlands has managed to lift cleaning quality and drop complaints significantly in just one season. But the solution is also causing a more long-term shift of mindset among Apenheul staff.
    I was surprised that Tork EasyCube® could change the way we think. Now that we are used to the system we can keep one step ahead. If you love your customers you have to try this system – it will make you think like them.
    Erwin Cheizoo
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