Bring your environmental commitment to the table!

New Tork Natural napkins are the sustainable option for restaurants

Restaurants can demonstrate to customers how much they care about the environment by choosing new Tork Natural Lunch & Dinner Napkins.

These highly sustainable napkins are unbleached, undyed and made from a 100 per cent recycled material. They are also biodegradable and hold the EU Ecolabel along with FSC® certification.
Recent research carried out by revealed that 55 per cent of consumers are actively seeking sustainable products and services, says Tork Senior Product Manager, Julia Wood. “Tork Natural Lunch & Dinner Napkins gives customers what they want while highlighting the fact that the restaurant cares about sustainability as much as its guests,” said Julia. 
The napkins are an attractive pale brown colour which makes it immediately clear to customers that they are unbleached and entirely natural. The fact that they are printed with the words "100% recycled" enhances the environmental message.
A custom-print service is available to allow eateries to advertise their brand via the napkins and get their message across to customers.
“Research has shown that 75 per cent of diners notice the message printed on their napkins - and 70 per cent can recall it afterwards,” said Julia.* “when a logo or message is incorporated on a natural napkin it makes the customer’s visit even more memorable.”
Tork Natural Lunch & Dinner Napkins are available in three sizes: Tork Lunch 4-fold, Tork Lunch 8-fold and Tork Dinner 8-fold, pre-folded to save valuable time during service preparation.  The napkins are compostable to EN 13432 standards and come packed in a recycled carton with foil wrapping made from sugar cane.
* Market research conducted by Intermetra Business & Market research group (2012)

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