Tork Xpressnap Extra Soft Natural Environmental Print Dispenser Napkin

New recycled Tork Xpressnap® can enhance a restaurant’s sustainability


Tork has responded to these concerns by introducing a recycled version of the Tork Xpressnap® napkin for use in cafeterias, fast-food restaurants and canteens. This unbleached, undyed product is made from FSC-certified tissue.  

“We have observed that an increasing number of consumers are unhappy about creating unnecessary waste,” said Senior Product Manager, Julia Wood “Many food outlets have even responded with actions such as banning the use of plastic straws. We at Essity are also making our own efforts to provide the sustainable solutions that customers increasingly demand.”

The Tork Xpressnap dispenser has the built-in sustainability benefit of reducing napkin consumption by at least 25 per cent. This is because napkins are given out one at a time instead of in clumps as with most other units.

“When diners take out more napkins than they need, most of these will end up going to waste,” said Julia. “The fact that the Tork Xpressnap dispenser gives out napkins one at a time helps to improve sustainability and reduce costs while also offering a hygiene benefit, since each diner touches only the napkin they use.”

The dispenser also features an Ad-a-glance panel for displaying the venue’s own messages. “Besides being a handy window for promoting offers and products, this can also be used to reinforce the venue’s wider environmental messaging,” said Julia. “Together with unbleached Tork Xpressnap napkins this can help a restaurant or cafe to position itself as an establishment that really cares about the environment.”

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