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Tork boosts food service businesses with new extensive online programmes


Tork boosts food service businesses with new extensive online programmes

Reach for the Stars is an online programme that gathers knowledge with the aim of helping restaurant managers and owners improve their business. On the programme website, restaurateurs will find industry insights, inspiration and case studies to support them in their daily work. Tork will also continuously release reports that are free to download, presenting even more in-depth insights about some of the most pressing issues within the food service industry. 
The first report, available for download now, focuses on sustainability, an increasingly important issue facing the food service industry. Sustainability issues concerning packaging and single-use items for example, have a direct effect on food service businesses, and might require some investment in the start. With help from Tork and the Reach for the Stars online programme, restaurant owners get the help they need to reap the benefits of green investments.
Jeremy Bennett, Sales Manager, Essity Professional Hygiene said: “With over 50 years of experience, we understand the food service industry. We continuously do market research and speak to our customers to understand how they are thinking and what challenges they are facing. From that comes a deep knowledge of the food service industry and business challenges. Now we’re making all our knowledge and experience even more accessible to restaurant owners and managers, on a large scale and for free, to help businesses grow.” 
In addition to Reach for the Stars, Tork is also launching the Tork Clean Care™ programme for the food service industry. The aim is to educate businesses and professionals working within the food service industry on the importance of hand hygiene. The Tork Clean Care™ programme will provide businesses with research, tools and training as well as product and service recommendations for kitchen hygiene.
Jeremy added: “Good hygiene can have a big impact on results for restaurants. By collecting everything from research and training tips to service and product solutions on one website, we aim to help our customers to improve their businesses.”
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