Spring Styling LinStyle Mustard Napkins

Signs of spring on the table!


When spring comes, we want colour.  Nature, combined with warm tones, is a popular trend in interior design.  Yellow, oatmeal and green combine excellently with wood in different contexts. Here, for example, we have brought together the yellow colour of mimosa with a light wooden surface. Together with white and green, it gives a nice spring feeling at the dinner table.

We have used LinStyle® Mustard in combination with LinStyle® White folding them so both colours are visible.  The napkins have placed on the plate with a spring of fresh mimosa – and as a last touch - added a wooden clothes peg. A clamp in stainless steel or other material would also work - let your imagination flow.

In spring we like to use a combination of onion plants and cherry blossoms for decoration, but this time we chose to strengthen the yellow napkin with mimosa. As a point of interest, we added a cabbage head decorated with mimosa - the effect is both spectacular and beautiful. Many other types of flowers work well with a cabbage-head as a vase. 

Tork LinStyle®Mustard, art.no. 478859

Tork LinStyle®White, art.no. 478711


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